Brendon Barker

As a founding partner in Target Hill Capital, Brendon represents Target Hill’s legal interests and is actively involved in all the legal aspects of the business, including acquisitions, financing, asset management and strategic planning.

Brendon has been a practicing attorney for the past 18 years, specializing in estate planning, tax and business succession planning, and asset protection. During this time, he’s served as general counsel to an ethanol company and general counsel to Retirement Solutions Group Inc., a full-service financial firm.

Brendon received his JD from Washburn University, a master’s degree and an LLM in taxation from the University of Kansas City-Missouri, and a bachelor’s from Harding University

Marshall Dougherty

An experienced executive leader, Marshall has built and led organizations in the United States, Germany, Southwest Asia and Korea. He’s an accomplished trainer, educator and negotiator, with experience leading both small and large organizations.

After earning a civil engineering degree and being commissioned as an Armor officer from Texas A&M University, Marshall served in the United States Army for 32 years. Along the way, he earned a master’s in economics and operations research from the Colorado School of Mines with a focus on portfolio optimization, and a master’s in strategic studies. He’s a decorated veteran of several combat tours in Iraq, where he was awarded for valor and his squadron was awarded two Presidential Unit Citations.

Marshall holds certifications in executive leadership, training and development, and emergency management. He’s married with two daughters.

Jim Ferree

A son of Kansas City and an engineering graduate of the University of Houston, Jim went on to serve NASA as a designer during the Apollo missions working in the Flight Crew Support Division, training the astronauts and supplying specialized items for various missions.

He later joined Harmon Industries, a large Grain Valley railroad electronics manufacturing company. After a year working at the Warrensburg facility, he was transferred to Foster City, Calif., south of San Francisco. After turning around the facility and at the age of 40, Jim decided to take a modest loan of a couple thousand dollars in 1984 to build J&A Industries. In 27 years, Jim built J&A into the exclusive supplier of railroad signal equipment to BNSF, Union Pacific, CSX and many other railroads within the U.S. market as well as Mexico and Canada. Jim has the distinction of having led J&A through ISO 9000 certification in just two days. At the age of 67, he sold J&A to private equity and retired.

Jim remained retired for just one year. He partnered with Village Developer to launch a lean real estate development company focused on building age-restricted Class A multi-family and condo projects for seniors. During that time, Jim founded the Ferree Family Office to manage his business affairs and ensure his descendants are educated in his very clear values of hard work, honesty, integrity and thrift.

Out of Ferree Family Office, Jim co-founded Target Hill Capital to focus on much-needed early-stage venture investments hedged with uncorrelated income-producing real assets. Jim’s primary contribution to Target Hill comes from his 53-year business career focused on processes to optimize team performance, production and profitability. He currently runs the value-add procedure for portfolio companies, aptly named “Target Hill Certification.”