Target Hill Capital defusing risk on startups between friends and family, seed funding stages

By: Austin Barnes, Startland NewsMarshall Dougherty, Target Hill
November 5, 2018

An opportunity to deliver exponential impact in a community committed to entrepreneurship has resulted in thelaunch of Target Hill Capital –– an outside-the-box venture capital fund, Marshall Dougherty said.

“When we were involved [with previous startups], we compared notes and surveyed the startup ecosystem in Kansas City,” Dougherty said of the events that led he and his partners –– Jim Ferree, a former NASA designer, and Brendon Barker, a veteran Kansas City attorney –– to found the investment fund.

Deposited into the startup ecosystem in January, Target Hill aims to fund early-stage companies that have grown past the “friends and family” investment stage, but aren’t yet large enough to launch a round of seed funding, Dougherty explained.

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